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Readers who are familiar with the 80/90’s sitcom Seinfeld might remember a series when NBC was going to shoot a program about him and his friends. When interviewed about the content of the show, they said it was about nothing. I feel the same way about this blog. My inspiration comes from everyday life.

I love observing situations, taking mental snapshots and transforming them into a cameo that hopefully adds enough light to realize that nothing is mundane. If I could paint, my inspiration would be the same; I can’t, so I paint with words.

New Book Release

Last year a good friend, Barbie Neuper, and I walked from Porto in Portugal to Santiago de Compostella in Spain, a 240 km stage of the Camino de Santiago. I kept a journal, not so much of distances, gradients and guidelines, but more a collage of memories stimulated by the photographs we took and converted them into the written word. Although it was a spiritual experience, I have tried to keep it light and combined it with the reality of blisters and shin splints.

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I arrived before Bridget and Andrew, my hiking partners, small back pack at the ready, complete with anti-Sun, anti-bug, water and sandwiches. They arrived 10 minutes later with a 2L bottle of water in a plastic bag and a skaftin (cheap plastic container; e.g....


I am writing a novel : a secret blend of Homer and Barbara Cartland.


A generous member of the Dale Junior community donated two boy mannequins to Dale Junior and we have used them at the beginning of each year to showcase the various school uniforms to new parents. Yesterday I had a free lesson just before midday and the L S teacher...