A generous member of the Dale Junior community donated two boy mannequins to Dale Junior and we have used them at the beginning of each year to showcase the various school uniforms to new parents.

Yesterday I had a free lesson just before midday and the L S teacher was coming into my class. I packed up my books, pens, and a load of papers. Then I unplugged my laptop, picked up my phone and keys and with all of the latter and the former and the in-betweener clutched to my chest, I staggered down the corridor to a small admin office that has recently been vacated by Arlene Randall who relocated to Lilyfontein.

I had not put a foot through the door when a primal shriek tore through my throat. Pens, books, laptop etc crashed to the floor. There behind the desk was Luke Randall, Arlene’s son, who left Dale Junior a year ago, but had been forgotten. He had died, rigor mortis had set in and he was whiter than Jik. However, he had a friendly smile on his face and was still dressed immaculately in his Dale Junior school uniform. Riddled with goose-flesh and spine-frozen, I turned to bolt, but it was too late, my foot came down hard, I was inside this den of horror and now my vision was captured by an unknown child who had suffered the same demise as Luke and was grinning like a ventriloquist’s dummy and dressed in his summer whites.

Imagine my deep shame, when I heard the office staff cackling unkindly at my error.